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Professional Intermediary

Professional Intermediary

OCRA Mauritius has introduced two models for its Intermediaries.

» Model One
» Model Two

Model One

Mauritius Companies and Seychelles Companies – where OCRA Mauritius would administer and manage the affairs of the company. The PI would only refer the clients to us and we will deal directly with the end users. In this model, OCRA Mauritius would bill the client directly and a commission will be passed over to the PI.

Model Two

Provided to licensed and qualified professional intermediaries, where the Professional Intermediary would deal directly with the client and we would only act as an agent (no provision of professional directors).

We would need to carry full due diligence on the potential Professional Intermediary. Professional Intermediary would arrange for a “Letter of undertaking” to provide us with all information, should we ask for the same.


    1. We do not provide any other service than registered agent and office.
    2. PI not to conceal structures.
    3. PI is not allowed to provide nominee services unless they are themselves licensed to do so.
    4. PI can provide professional directors
    5. We will setup and create the minimum criteria of what information should be provided to us on an initial and ongoing basis.

For further information as to how OCRA Mauritius can assist you and your clients please contact the Managing Director. Should you prefer to apply on-line please click here.

How to Proceed

If you would like to discuss your requirements with one of our consultants,
please contact us.

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