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Residence in Mauritius



Occupation Permit (Work & Residence Permit)

Mauritius enables expatriates to live and work in Mauritius fairly easily. We at OCRA Mauritius can assist our clients to availing an Occupation Permit.

1. The residence permit and work permit is now combined into a single permit, named the Occupation Permit – The following criteria have to be met:

  • Investor : The business activity should generate a turnover exceeding MRU 4 million annually with an initial investment of USD 100, 000 or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency.
    If there is more than one investor in the same company applying for an Occupation Permit, the turnover criteria should apply in respect of each applicant (i.e. MRU 8 million for two applicants, MRU 12 million for three applicants, and so on)

  • Professional : Basic salary should exceed MRU 45,000 (approx USD 1600) monthly. However, the basic salary for the category Professional in the ICT Sector should exceed MRU 30, 000 monthly.

  • Self-employed : Income from the business activity should exceed MRU 600,000 annually with an initial investment of USD 35,000 or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency.

2. The application has to be submitted to the BOI (Board of Investment), who will assist a qualifying foreign investor or a self-employed to secure an occupation permit for himself and residence permits for his spouse and dependents.

3. Any firm can apply through BOI for an occupation permit for any foreign employee it pays more than Rs 45,000 (approx USD 1,600) a month and a residence permit for the spouse and children of that employee.

4. To be eligible for a Residence Permit for Retired Non-Citizen , a retired non-citizen should be 50 years of age or above and must undertake to transfer to his/her local bank account in Mauritius, at least 40,000 US dollars annually, or its equivalent in any freely convertible foreign currency. The applicant should make an initial transfer of at least USD 40,000 or its equivalent in freely convertible foreign currency when first settling in Mauritius.

5. All foreigners applying for occupation or residence permits must provide a health certificate issued by an accredited doctor in Mauritius instead of a health clearance from Government hospitals.

6. The occupation permits for investors and professionals and residence permits for their dependents will be issued within three to five working days. Within one working day BOI will forward the applications to the immigration department, which will provide a document acknowledging the date and time of application. If after two working days the immigration department has not raised any objection the document will become automatically an occupation and residence permit valid for three years from the stamped date, in line with the silent agreement principle.

7. The spouse of a holder of an occupation permit can take up any job paying more than Rs 45,000 a month (approx USD 1,600), set up a business or work as a self-employed professional earning at least Rs 600,000 (approx USD 20,000) a year according to the same provisions as investors and skilled professionals.

8. After three years of activity in Mauritius, consistent with the terms of entry, the foreign national and spouse and dependents can apply for permanent residence. The Permanent Residence Permit will be valid for ten years and allow unrestricted work and residence as well as purchase of real estate.

Permanent Residence Permit (PRP)

A PRP is a permit that allows an eligible non-citizen to work and/ or live in Mauritius for a period of 10 years. It is renewable. Application is made at the Prime Minister’s Office ( Home Affairs Division).

Eligibility for PRP

  • Investor – An Investor having held an Occupation Permit for 3 years immediately preceding the date of the application for PRP and whose company’s turnover exceeded Rs 15 million every year during each of these 3 years in respect of each shareholder.

  • Self-Employed – A self-employed having held an Occupation Permit for 3 years immediately preceding the date of application for PRP and whose income exceeded Rs 3 million every year during each of these 3 years.

  • Professional – A Professional having held an Occupation Permit for 3 years immediately preceding the date of application for PRP and who has drawn a basic monthly salary of at least Rs 150,000 during the entire three year period.

  • Retired Non-Citizen –  A retired non-citizen having held a Residence Permit for 3 years and who has transferred to Mauritius US$ 40,000 or its equivalent in convertible currency annually during each of these 3 years.

Only married spouse and dependent children under 18 years are eligible for PRP. Children over 18 years old may obtain such permit if enrolled in a fulltime education in Mauritius. Common law partners are not eligible for PRP, but will obtain a residence permit renewable on a yearly basis.

How to Proceed

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